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3 Common Types of Glass and What they are Used for

Glass; we have gotten used to seeing it all around us in windows, as part of packaging, in ornaments and a whole plethora of different objects and surfaces out there. It has become an important part of our environment, homes and offices and yet, to the layman, there is not a lot known about this remarkable substance. Created from molten silicates of varying types and shaped by glass and mirror cutting, there are in fact different types of glass out there, each suited to a specific need. Here we will explore the application of three different though common types, borosilicate, soda-lime silicate and phosphate glass.

Borosilicate glass offers an incredibly durable structure, and is therefore used for heavy-duty applications. This type of glass is extremely resistant to thermal shock and high temperatures. Because of this, it is often used to fashion cooking and lab equipment where containers need to be able to withstand high temperatures.

Soda-Lime Silicate
Soda-lime silicates make up around 90% of all glass used. Commonly found in jars and bottles. It is inexpensive to manufacture and can be melted at lower temperatures than other glass silicates, and therefore, can be produced on mass. It is, however, more prone to thermal shock than other silicates, making it less durable than other types of glass.


Phosphate glass boasts a high-resistance to chemical corrosion. It is suited to colouring, generally making it useful for ornamental applications since this type of glass is able to house a unique colour spectrum. Aside from its ornamental application, phosphate glass also has various military, medical and industrial applications.

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